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Bags on Rolls

Flat roll plastic bags are one of the popular bags for food storage. Currently, there are many types of materials used to produce this type of bag. At KUN, we can make this bag in HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE according to customer’s request. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages. In case the customer does not know which option best suits his or her needs, Kun can suggest the best option accordingly.

Usually, this type of bag is transparent in color. However, we can still produce bags according to the color of the customer’s request

Moreover, some buyers want to print on the bags with their logo or any information to promote their store or products. This is really easy as we can print up to 8 colors on 2 sides.

All flat plastic bags on roll have a perforation line connecting the bags together with a bottom sealing line. We can easily use and open this bag by tearing each bag one by one. With the advantage of being easy to store and use, these roll-on plastic bags are suitable for supermarkets, families and shops.

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